Color 119 – Melton Tackle Trolling Lure Replacement Skirts – 16″

Over the years other suppliers made similar skirts but they were too thick and not supple enough for the lures to run properly. For years the best skirts in the world were made in japan by Yo-Zuri and Yamashita, long the preferred skirts of commercial fisherman in Hawaii where skirt color's and action were so critical for fooling the elusive AHI or yellowfin tuna that they made their livelihood from.

Broadbill skirts are the finest skirts made and are now exclusively offered on all our in-house skirted lures from Marlin Magic, Joe Yee Lures, Black Bart Lures, Polu Kai lures, Coggins Lures and Koya Lures. You will not find a more vibrant, life-like shirt out there or one that is more supple yet not too soft.

Bring your old lures back to life with Broadbill replacement skirts. Please note. All our broadbill skirts are left long so that they may be trimmed to length based on the hook sets you are. One of the main issues with these skirts were that they were too soft, especially in the larger sizes leading to tangling and easy tearing.


Monofilament Fishing Leader Kit 100yds 1.8mm-300lb Clear-Loop protectors crimps

Includes matching crimps and loop protectors. Great for rigging lures, decoys, Out riggers, and more 100 yds 1.8mm -300lb clear monofilament fishing leader. 25 2. 0mmx18mm aluminum crimp sleeves. 5 spring loop protectors. Fishing leader kit, 100yds 300lb clear monofilament leader.

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