Plano One Tray Tackle Box, Dark Green Metallic

South Bend 1001-03 #ad - High quality product. One tray Box. Manufactured in China. One tray, dark green, tackle box & 5 worm proof compartments. This is a high quality product, manufactured in China. Dark Green Metallic. Fixed compartments for storage.

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Eagle Claw Snap-On Floats Assortment, 12 Piece Red and White, 1-Inch/1-1/4-Inch/1-1/2-Inch/1-3/4-Inch

Eagle Claw 07030-001 #ad - Contains 12 Pieces. Specifications: - size: 1", saltwater - fish species: bass, 1-3/4" 3 of each size - color: red/white - skill level: Beginner, Redfish, Walleye, Snook, 1-1/2", Snapper, Sea Trout, 1-1/4", Expert - Type of Water: Freshwater, Tarpon, Intermediate, Cobia. Eagle claw snap-On Float, Assortment.

1 pack of 12 snap-on Float, Assortment 4 sizes of floats.

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DE 100pcs Barrel Swivel with Safty Snap Connector Solid Rings Fishing #7

Miayon BD-5YBA-H49L #ad - Brand name:Miayon. Material:excellent metal material with electroplating treatment, corrosion resistance, anti- shock, high strength, corrosion resistance and anti- rust. Quick connect: the connector snap can quickly connect a variety of fishing hooks, easy to use for sea rod fishing method, explosion hooks, string hook line group.

Size: miayon #7 b fishing swivels connectors, length about 38mm. Large quanity and great price and functional, you can use for quite long time. If you are a fishing lover or enthusiasts, you can not missing Dxhycc snap swivels. Be noticed that it may small than your expected, please purchase with cautious. High strength: strong pull, very light, be sensitive to the inforamtion during fishing by Miayon.

DE 100pcs Barrel Swivel with Safty Snap Connector Solid Rings Fishing #7 #ad - It is well made, high quality metal with plating treatment, not easy to resistance and not rusty. Flexible rotating: swivel in the case of force can also be flexible rotation, not hurt the fishing line and anti-winding. 4 sizes of floats. Contains 12 Pieces. Its light weight do not add weight to fishing line.

The snaps rotating smoothly, and functionly avoiding to line winding, reduce your fishing work. Featured with high strength, widely use in sea fishing.

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